What do you need to do to run faster?

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Eat Better?
Train More?
Are you eating to run better?
Pasta, Potatoes or rice?

Which one will improve
We are all individuals and what work for you might not work for your friend!

Eat Better, Run Faster
is an online nutrition course
which helps you step-by-step to design a
personalised nutrition programme specificly for your body. 

Let's learn how to Eat Better and Run Faster

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That’s right
in just a few easy steps on our course you will be able to
Eat Better and Run Faster GUARANTEED!

We will show you not only how to prepare for that all important race day
but also the science behind it so you can put yourself in pole position every single time!

Eat Beter, Run Faster is for both new and experienced runners!

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 You will learn how to apply the techniques we teach
to help grow and maximise your potential further. 
We make it easy to follow and digest all the information you are given and
it's like having your very own coach every step of the way. 

In this course,
you will use a worksheet to make it easy to improve yourself
just by following the steps we teach and
then repeating it to fine tune your running nutrition programme.

The process is easy to follow
and will soon become a habit in your everyday preparation.

But don't worry! 
We are not going to tell you to invest in specific produces or weard food! 

We only offer impartial advice on everything
and help you adapt you’re eating habits to enable your body to improve your performance.

So wheather you are vegan, vegeterian or someone that eats everything this programme will have advice for you! 

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Clare Steel
Head teacher
"The Eat Better, Run Faster online course quickly explained the things I was concerned about pre-race and race-day nutrition"
Stephanie Dutton
Swimming teacher 
"The Eat Better, Run Faster online course gives me a balanced overall look in a simple form about what I should be eating"
'When your legs get tired, run with your heart'

'Training and nutritional strategies improves performance'